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Spraoi sa Sneachta


Mr. Scrooge

Mr. Scrooge

6th class performed Mr. Scrooge as their Christmas Play.

A Dancing Christmas party!!!

Have a look at the pictures of our Christmas play. Broadway here we come!!!

























Christmas Holidays

Book Review Winner

One of the 6th Class pupils entered a competition by writing a book review. It was published in the Primary Planet Newspaper. He received a set of  Diary of Wimpy Kid Books as a prize for winning the competition!

Here is his review:

Book Review: Roald Dahl “Going Solo”

One of my favourite books is “Going Solo” by Roald Dahl. The book is based on Roald Dahl’s own autobiography. It is about how Roald went to a job in Africa, took safaris, had encounters with snakes, and was part of unbelievable air battles during World War II, not to mention crazy naked people on ship, plane crashes, losing his eyesight and lots more. Even his cook gets caught by a lion! I would recommend the book to anyone as it is a brilliant book. It is moving and really interesting and it tells you about amazing things about the life of Roald Dahl. Out of 10 marks I will give it 10. And I will definitely read it again.


Christmas Art




On Friday 2nd December we made rice krispie buns. They were delicious! After, we wrote the instructions as part of our procedural writing.

Hi Glow Silver Competition

We entered a poster competition to highlight the importance of been seen when out walking or cycling in the evenings. We all got an arm band and a certificate.

Project Time

We learned lots by researching Michael D. Higgins as our 9th President. Did you know that his dog is called Bruno and that the “D” stands for Daniel in his name? We researched Arás an Uachtaráín and found out it was built in 1751. The first president of Ireland was in 1938, his name was Douglas Hyde. The role of the president is to guard the right of the people. 

Advent Time

We lit our Advent Wreath from the Paschal Candle in our Classroom. We ask God to bless us as we prepare for the birthday of Jesus.