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Congratulations to Ventsi, Esther and David on their recent Baptism.

Titanic Project


MS Readathon Prizegiving

Well done to all the pupils who together raised €1085.50 for MS Ireland. The children were awarded with their prizes on Thursday 19th April in Fr. Kelly’s Remembrance garden.

A Night to Remember: Titanic

Well done to one of the 6th Class boys who wrote an excellent and detailed essay on the Titanic. He found out lots of interesting and notable facts about this famous, luxurious ship. This fabulous piece of writing won a prize in the Longford County Library Competition to celebrate the centenary of the Titanic’s sinking. A presentation evening took place in the Temperance Hall and he received a beautiful glass plaque. The 14 Longford people who were on the Titanic were remembered, 5 of them lost their lives in the sinking.
Here is this wonderful piece of writing:

The Titanic the Ship of Dreams.

The Titanic, the famous ship was built in Harland and Wolfe shipyard in Belfast. Designed by Thomas Andrews he said this about the Titanic: “This ship is as nearly perfect as human brains can make her.” It took months just to design it and two years to build it. The outer skin of her was 2.5 cm thick. The hull was held with rivets

After the workers were finished building Titanic a new crew came in. They were electricians, interior designers painters and hundreds of others all came to build the inside of the ship. Once they were done a new crew came to take their place- waiters chefs and waitress all came to be the staff of the Titanic.

The day had come for thousands of people to board the ship. They had to be checked for lice as it could spread easily if they were on the crowded ship. There were 325 First Class passengers, then there were 285 second class passengers and finally there were 706 steerage (third class to you and me) who came from all over the world.

The First Class cabins were luxurious with each one based on a period of history. They had private baths and toilets, big beds and extra rooms for servants. The first class dining hall served delicious food and drink all day. The First Class also had free access to the Turkish baths and the swimming pool.

The Second Class passengers also had luxurious rooms with four or less bunk beds. There was a wooden cabin with a mirror, a sofa and a cistern filled with cold water. They had to ask a steward to bring them hot water.

The Third Class was not as fine as the First and Second Class. They had blankets and pillows stuffed with feathers but oddly no sheets. They did not have their own baths but had to queue for an hour or more to get a bath and by that time the water would be filthy.

Each class had a different eating room with First Class having an elegant ball room, the Second class people had a similar place but not as grand and Third Class had an overcrowded hall.

Then something no one expected happened: the Titanic hit an ice berg and the result was 1,517 people dead, a terrible tragedy that will stay with us forever.