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Hallelujah Concert

4th, 5th & 6th Class pupils had an amazing time singing with 3000 other children in the Hallelujah Choir Concert at Citywest Hotel, Dublin.


Christmas Art

Christmas Art 001     Christmas Art 003 (Small)

Christmas Art 001 (Small)     IMG_1915 (Small)


Science Week

Science Week 13 003 (Small)     Science Week 13 008 (Small)

Science Week 13 004 (Small)     Science Week 13 005 (Small)

Science Week 13 011 (Small)     Science Week 13 012 (Small)

Science Week 13 016 (Small)     Science Week 13 014 (Small)



Halloween in 2nd Class

Haloween '13 002 (Small)     Haloween '13 001 (Small)


Scuba Skype

Veronica .Today in class the 4th of  December we used Skype Classroom to skype a person in Canada. His name was Joe Graboski.Joe is a Scuba diver.He showed us his stuff he does use. He also showed us some pictures of fishes and sharks under water.He told us some facts like it only takes him 5 mins to go down 130ft. He also said his tank has as much air a little bathroom. He said that when you go down deeper in the water the tempture changes .

Stilian. Joe Graboski is from Canada and he is a scuba diver.He told us alot for the scuba diving and he showed us his gear. We asked him alot of questions. He can dive to 130 foots for 5 minutes but he has to carry 20 lbs. Most of the sharks are afraid from the humans and they dont disturb Joe. Joe dived in 4 of 5 oceans. His favorite ocean is the Pacific ocean. His oxygen tank has air for one hour. It was very interesting.

Alanna. When we were talking to him it was half five in the morning in Canada he  scuba dived about 125 times IMG_0575 IMG_0574