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Best of luck to the pupils in 5th & 6th Class who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday March 30th from Bishop Francis Duffy.IMG_2892

IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0008View John Regan’s Photographs here:

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

spring 2 003 (Medium)      spring 2 005 (Medium)

spring 2 008 (Medium)      spring 2 001 (Medium)

spring 2 003 (Medium)      spring 2 006 (Medium)

Our First Confession

On Tuesday 25th March we celebrated Our First Confession. It was a beautiful ceremony. There were three priests hearing Confession. Fr Cadam, Fr. Fullam and Fr. Tony. We sang our songs beautifully and acted out the story of the Lost Sheep. Afterwards, Fr. Cadam said, that we could get a treat on the way home!

confession 002 (Medium)       confession 001 (Medium)

Blow Painting in 2nd Class

book fair 059 (Medium)       book fair 062 (Medium)

book fair 064 (Medium)      book fair 061 (Medium)

Great Value Communion Dresses

Check out Addi stores on Thursday 27th March, Communion Dresses are on sale for only €24.99.

There are also many other First Holy Communion accessories like bags and gloves etc.

communion dress

Hand and Feet painting!!!

book fair 013 (Medium)     book fair 015 (Medium)

book fair 023 (Medium)      book fair 036 (Medium)

book fair 049 (Medium)     book fair 052 (Medium)

book fair 020 (Medium)     book fair 041 (Medium)


Book Fair comes to Sacred Heart

    book fair 008 (Medium)      book fair 009 (Medium)

book fair 011 (Medium)       book fair 012 (Medium)

Calling the South Pole

On Thursday we used Skype to contact Ms. Dooley. She is a teacher in America who went on a scientific exploration of Antarctica. She discussed her route there, her time spent gathering information near Mount Erebus and the particalities of life on the ice. Some of her pupils modelled the clothing you must wear in the -37′ temperatures. She visited Scott’s Hut and showed us pictures. It was really interesting to see where Tom Crean stayed.

IMG_0808 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827 IMG_2828 IMG_2831

Beannachtaí na Feile Pádraig

st patricks day 003 (Medium)     st patricks day 004

st patricks day 002 (Medium)       book fair 002  book fair 006

World Book Day in 2nd Class

 world book day and water 002 (Medium) world book day and water 006 (Medium) world book day and water 004 (Medium) world book day and water 005 (Medium)  world book day and water 007 (Medium)   world book day and water 001 (Medium)     world book day and water 008     world book day and water 009 (Medium)

world book day and water 007     world book day and water 006

world book day and water 005     world book day and water 004