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Visit of the Benemerenti Medal

Last November Sr. Maeve received the Benemerenti Papal Medal from Pope Francis. It is in hounour of the great work she and her Sisters in the Mercy Congregation have done for our locality. We had a great time viewing and hearing about this Papal Award.


Active Flag Videos



Michael Collins Project

We completed a project about Michael Collins. We really enjoyed doing it because it was very interesting. It was especially interesting due to the link he had with our town of Granard. He was engaged to Kitty Kiernan from The Greville Arms.

We found out lots of information about him by going to the local library where Rosemary talked to us, showed us the displays upstairs and allowed us to borrow books about him. Thank you for your help Rosemary!

We also watched a documentary about him.

Mr. Eamonn Brennan came to talk to us also!

We were able to see the letters Michael and Kitty wrote to each other and are very thankful to Mrs. Margot Gearty (Kitty’s niece) for allowing us. Thank you also to The Greville Arms for letting us in to see the lovely displays they have about Michael Collins.

Then we worked in groups to put it all together and make our class display!

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Volcanic Eruption in 3rd and 4th!

We did an experiment to see what happens during a volcanic eruption. We added a teaspoon of soda, 5 drops of red food colouring, a teaspoon of washing-up liquid and then vinegar. As you can see the experiment worked..our volcano erupted!!!

20150420_141051 20150420_141201 20150420_14125020150420_14151120150420_141522

A trip up the town of Granard!!

At the Post Office 001 At the Post Office 004

At the Post Office 019


At the Post Office

In Ms. Drake’s room we are learning all about the Post Office. We took a trip to the Post Office. We meet two postman and the postmaster. Seán the Postman showed us the sorting room. It was great fun.

At the Post Office 008 At the Post Office 017 At the Post Office 014 At the Post Office 015 At the Post Office 013At the Post Office 016


Easter Parade

Here is a photograph slideshow of the Easter Parade. We won Best School Entry! Thanks to all who part and the parents who helped out.


ICT Partnership Project

Here is the video of last year’s ICT Project, we are working towards this year’s one next week.