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We are learning a lot about butterflies in Junior Infants!

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Hurray!! Junior Infants won the Golden Boot!


Junior Infants are a creative bunch!!

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Garda Sports Day

5th & 6th Class had a great time at the Garda Sports Day, it was really exciting and lots of fun!

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ExcitED 2015

On Saturday last, 6th class were invited to the ExcitED Festival at Dublin Castle to showcase the IOS apps they use in the classroom. They were one of 2o schools chosen to be part of this event.

Cookery with Mrs Reilly


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Chick Update!


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Our chicks came back to school today looking fantastic after a lovely weekend away in Abbeylara with the Corcoran family. Thank you so much for looking after the chicks so well while teacher was away. We can’t believe how much they have grown, even little Phoenix! Now that their wings have grown Tommy was able to tell us that we have one rooster and the rest are hens. Look at the beautiful home improvements they got while on their holidays! The Corcorans made a lovely garden box for the chicks so that they have more room to flap their wings now that they are bigger. They also installed a lovely mirror so that the chicks can admire themselves! This is something new we learned today, chicks like to look at themselves. On top of all of this, they let us borrow their lovely water drinker.

Easter Parade Winners!!!!

On Easter Sunday there was a parade in Granard town. We won the best school float. This is a great achievement. Well done to all involved.


Day Old To Week Old!

Look how much we have grown in 1 week!!! We even needed a bigger house already! You can see our feathers starting to grow on our wings.

20150514_085216 20150520_224618


We were very excited when we saw the first movement and cracks appearing in our eggs!

They were very tired after hatching. We were delighted to see our seven lovely chicks!