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The Final Golden boot!

Congratulations to 1st and 2nd class on winning the final golden boot for the school year! We had the highest number of walkers on WOW day! Well done everyone and have a great summer!!image



6th Class Graduation

Congratulations and best wishes for the future!

5th and 6th class School tour photos.

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1st and 2nd Class Tour gets Muddy.

First and Second mucking around 20150605_125005_resized 20150605_125024_resized 20150605_125040_resized 20150605_125045_resized 20150605_125047_resized 20150605_125054_resized 20150605_125121_resized 20150605_125139_resized 20150605_125156_resized 20150605_125209_resized 20150605_125213_resized 20150605_125215_resized 20150605_125244_resized 20150605_125252_resized 20150605_125315_resized 20150605_125322_resized 20150605_130548_resized 20150605_130551_resized 20150605_130557_resized 20150605_130600_resized 20150605_130601_resized 20150605_130613_resized 20150605_130642_resized 20150605_130646_resized 20150605_130653_resized 20150605_131131_resized 20150605_124945_resized 20150605_124954_resized 20150605_124957_resized

The Cavan Centre Tour

5th & 6th spent a very enjoyable day on tour at the Cavan Centre.

Summer art in Junior Infants

IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_1722

Colouring Competition Winner

Well done to Yoan from Junior Infants on winning first place in the Ulster Bank Henry Hippo colouring Competition.




Outdoor Adventure and Discovery

3rd and 4th Class had a great day on our school tour. We did lots of outdoor activities such as; kayaking, rafting, orienteering, rock climbing and archery. It was the ideal tour after getting the Active Flag in our school this week! Enjoy the video of our day!

Bocca Della Verita in 4th Class!

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Chicks at 5 weeks old!

Our chicks are growing up so fast!

Here are some pictures of them in their happy new homes where they are being well looked after.

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