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Abstract Art inspired by Piet Mondrian!


1916 Digital Book

6th Class created a digital book on the 1916 Rising.

Enrolment for 2016/2017

Our Enrolment Day for parents of prospective Junior Infant pupils for September 2016 took place last Friday. However, if you were unavailable to attend, please contact the Office on 043668684 or email to arrange a visit to view the school or obtain an enrolment pack.index


Visit of Local Entrepreneur

Past pupil Ann Marie Durkin shared her entrepreneur experience of  creating innovative and functional products for parents and babies with us. She developed the Steri Soother as well as the Steriorb, which is a mobile soother sterilizer. She has also patented a new baby bottle sterilizer called the ‘Seri Ova’. She gave us great advice on becoming entrepreneurs.IMG_2279

Macra na Feirme National Winner

 Over six hundred children took part in the art competition from all over the country.  There were four categories in the competition and there was one winner from 6th Class. Well done & hope you enjoyed your day out with the Minister for Agriculture in Dublin! IMG_6129 IMG_6130


Zumba Fun

6th Class had great fun at Zumba, check out our moves!IMG_2256

Sacred Heart Visits Laurel Lodge and The Manor!

The children from 4th, 5th, 6th Classes went to the local nursing homes to spread the Christmas joy! We made Christmas cards and performed for all the residents. We sang and danced for them and everyone had a great day. It was very rewarding to see how happy they were and how much they appreciated our efforts.

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Credit Union Art Competition

Well done to everyone that took part in the Credit Union Art Competition. The theme this year was ‘Happiness is…’

4th Class wish to congratulate our very own Mia Smith who came 1st and Elisha Sullivan who came 3rd in it! Well done girls, we are very proud of you both!


Christmas Snow Globe Art in 4th Class

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