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Music Workshop

4th Class really enjoyed their music workshop last week.

Mr. Beirne from Ardscoil Phádraig came to give us a taste of what we might be doing in Music when we go to secondary school! We learned about the bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboard and drums. It was great fun and we learned lots!

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Happy St.Valentines Day

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Market Research JEP Survey

Dear Parents,

Can you please complete our survey on our Junior Entrepreneur Project.

Thank you for taking the time,

6th Class

Here is the link:

100 Word Challenge

6th class have been busy writing their 100 Word Challenge each week. We have written over 5000 words now and received this picture! Check out our work here


Senior Infants making their pancakes!


Happy Pancake Tuesday!!!

Pancake Tue 001 Pancake Tue 002  Pancake Tue 004  Pancake Tue 006  Pancake Tue 008 Pancake Tue 009 Pancake Tue 010 Pancake Tue 011  Pancake Tue 013   Pancake Tue 016 Pancake Tue 017 Pancake Tue 018 Pancake Tue 019 Pancake Tue 020 Pancake Tue 021 Pancake Tue 022

Penny the lamb visits Junior Infants

IMG_2227  IMG_2237  IMG_2239  IMG_2242  IMG_2245 IMG_2248

Grandparent’s day

We had Mass in the hall followed by a lovely display of talent for our grandparents.image













Special Visitor

Sacred Heart had a very special visitor today!

This is Penny the lamb and she is 4 days old. Despite her young age, she is already showing a keen interest in reading!

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Junior Entrepreneur Dragons’ Den

IMG_2344We held a very entertaining Dragons’ Den. Thanks to our Dragons- Paul Flood, Patrick Durkin and Anne English who did a wonderful job and provided a great insight for us on how to proceed with the project.