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6th Class Celebrates National Poetry Day

6th class produced a Photostory based on Padraig Pearse’s poem “The Mother”.  Poetry Day Ireland  was held on Thursday 28 April 2016 and this year’s was the Revolution.

6th Class 1916 Ballad Song

6th Class have released their first song on Soundcloud. Have a listen, future stars of the airwaves!


Cooking up a storm!

Today we got to cook Pasta bolognaise in the Kitchen with Ms Reilly! We learned how to make it step by step and in the end got to sample the yummy food!!!







A Day in the Woods!

We had a lovely day in the woods adventuring, learning, exploring, drawing and building fairy houses! The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed all the sights and sounds of nature. We hope the fairies like their new homes! 2016-04-22 20.22.032016-04-22 20.22.432016-04-22 20.23.212016-04-22 20.24.212016-04-22 20.26.342016-04-22 19.32.492016-04-22 19.34.36

Come Dine With 4th Class!!

4th Class had a great afternoon learning how to cook with Ms. Reilly! We made a delicious healthy chicken and vegetable curry!

2016-04-22 19.21.132016-04-22 19.19.072016-04-22 19.18.15

Proclamation Day Highlights

Garda Tracey comes to visit.

garda tracey 003 garda tracey 005 garda tracey 006  garda tracey 010 garda tracey 011 garda tracey 012 garda tracey 013  garda tracey 015 garda tracey 020 garda tracey 024 garda tracey 026

Junior Infants class picture.

class pic 003

Confirmation Day

We received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 16.04.16!

IMG_2772 IMG_2777

Spring Nature Walk

spring 2