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‘news2day’ Weather Competition!


We are very, VERY excited to announce that Oliwia Rawiak is going to be on news2day to present the weather!!!

We had learned about the weather in class and so, when we saw the news2day competition last week, we knew it would suit us down to the ground!!

We decided to enter the competition and we were so delighted and surprised on Monday when we watched the programme and found out that one of us had been chosen!!! We are so proud.

If you want to watch the episode that announces Oliwia as a winner you can see it here: news2day Monday 24/10/16

news2day competition winners

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Look at our surprised and happy faces when we found out!!!


A fun day with Skippy John!

We learned lots of new skipping techniques with John!

Thank you John!

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Senior Infants made patterns to celebrate Maths Week!


Working with Ms. Smyth

4th Class have been doing lots of exciting work with Ms. Smyth over the last four weeks.

We have learned all about Tom Crean in History and Drama, it has been so interesting.

In Art we made a beautiful collage of Vincent van Gogh’s Daffodils. We also have some scary clay monsters that we made and painted!

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and capacity. We went on a very interesting Maths trail too!

We really loved doing the Writing Workshop in English. It worked so well as we are learning about narrative writing in Sacred Heart this term. We have our stories proudly displayed on the wall.

Our lessons in Science and Geography have been so interesting too as we learned all about the water cycle, solids/liquids/gases and materials and how they change. We have done experiments to show the water cycle and made ice-cream to show how materials change. That was a yummy treat!!

Doing athletics in P.E. has been great fun and exercise. We are learning important relay skills!

Ms. Smyth’s lessons in S.P.H.E. have really helped us with decision-making.

We really enjoyed our Music lessons, we have explored lots of sounds and even made Sacred Heart’s first ‘Paper Orchestra’!! In groups we have performed sequences and it has been brilliant to use all the different instruments.

Our Religion lessons surrounding the parable of  ‘The Prodigal Son’ have reminded us of God’s unconditional love.

Sna ceachtanna Gaeilge táimid ag foghlaim faoi ‘Bia’ agus táimid ag baint an-taitneamh as! Bímid ag labhairt, ag scríobh, ag éisteacht agus ag léamh. Imrímid cluichí freisin agus is aoibhinn linn é!

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